On Monday evening, when I was waiting for my coach from London Stansted airport with two other World Youth Day pilgrims, we were discussing what had been the moment from World Youth Day that had moved us the most.

For me, it was simply seeing the number of fellow young people at Cuatros Vientos airbase for the Saturday evening Vigil and Sunday morning Mass with the Holy Father. As Catholics we believe that the Church, and its members, is the Body of Christ. However, never have I seen that in such an amazing way. Looking at the crowd of fellow Catholics that day was, for me, exactly the same as looking lovingly at the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar.

The sacrifices that come with any Vocation, are things that cannot be taken lightly during the discernment process. This is surely a positive way of figuring out what vocation God has given you the gifts to carry out. For someone discerning Priesthood, such as myself, the sacrifices come in the shape of wife and children etc.

The thing that I realised last Saturday night, was that if (/when) I become a Priest then the people who I will be serving will be the people who were around me. And if the people around are just as much the Body of Christ as is the Blessed Sacrament, then as serving them is surely the most amazing privilege one man can have.